Identifying your Wildlife Neighbors

Have you ever wondered what that strange frog in your backyard was? Do you ever wonder what bird was singing at three o’clock in the morning? Why are there so many lichens on that oak tree over there?

Check out these regularly updated pages on how to identify local flora and fauna throughout New England, what sorts of habitats they can be found in, where the best places to see them are, and other interesting information.


All About Birds

Audubon: Guide to North American Birds

Bird Watcher’s Digest: Bird Identification



Large Whale Species of New England

NOAA Fisheries: Dolphins and Porpoises

Wildlife Journal Junior: New Hampshire Mammals

Reptiles and Amphibians

Frogs of New Hampshire

NOAA Fisheries: Sea Turtles

Salamanders of New Hampshire

Snakes of New Hampshire

Turtles of New Hampshire


NH Fish and Game Freshwater/Saltwater Fish Fact Sheets

Terrestrial and Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrates

Bug Guide

Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA)

Freshwater Mussels of New Hampshire

Stroud Water Research Center’s Macroinvertebrate Identification Key

Songs of Insects

Marine Invertebrates

Marine Bio


Plants and Trees of the Chesapeake Bay*


Coming Soon!

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