Short Fiction: Every Witch Way

A few years ago in an effort to practice my writing skills, I started creative writing, messing around with a few characters in an attempt to explore witchcraft, New England folklore, and describe scenes about the countryside that I love to explore and write about. As you probably guessed, I let other things take precedence and only came back to these characters after a long absence. I missed them and want to do their stories justice by writing about them once more.

The basic idea is a journalist travels around New England to visit the witches of the secretive “Every Witch Way” organization who are tasked with protecting various nature spots from destruction because of what lurks there. Each interview will drop in somewhere in the “story” of each witch as they solve a problem in their daily lives. An example of such stories include an elder climate activist living off the coast of Maine or the taciturn Maine woods guide who is guarding the local town from a dangerous enemy and more yet to be thought of.

These stories will be published alongside the regular blog posts so keep your eyes peeled for these dispatches from “Every Witch Way”.