Gareth Perkins was born in 1990 in Cardiff, Wales and has lived in Massachusetts for most of his life. As he grew up, he enjoyed exploring the forests, fields, and rivers of the Sudbury River Valley and developed a love of birding, fishing, hiking, and regaling his parents with recently learned facts about the former. He went to Unity College in Unity, Maine to study Wildlife Biology and graduated in 2012.

A nature writer at heart and at hand, he detailed his adventures as a summer camp counselor, hunter surveyor, teacher naturalist intern, and seasoned environmental educator through New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and North Carolina on a Blogger account from 2012 to 2018. In addition to blogging, Gareth enjoys amateur nature photography (his favorite subjects are ones that stay still or are flying slowly), leading students on nature hikes, carving wooden kitchen utensils, and reading books about nature, outdoor recreation, and travel memoirs.

The author watches the solar eclipse of August 21st, 2017 in Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina.

If you would like to contact him, he can be reached via the Contact page or by visiting his Facebook page.