Every Witch Way: Mother Carey Scene #1

The little creature curled in her hands was an unusual one to say the least. In all her years of rescuing and helping seabirds, she had never seen an animal like this one before.

“What a strange creature…”, she puzzled as she examined its paws. She looked into its chocolate eyes, noted its tubular nose, and marveled at its wispy tail. It chirruped weakly before nestling into her sweater cuffs and continuing its doze.

“Danny! I need some help up here!” Her request was met with the hasty stomping of feet and a small crash. A groan followed and in stepped Danny Jones. Danny had come from Belfast to help her for the summer and he could be clumsy at the best of times. After entering, she smelled the pungent odor of mackerel oil and fish guts and noticed a large stain that had pooled on his hoodie.

“Oh dear, another spill?”, she cringed.

“I’m sorry about that….I didn’t notice Rufous on the stairs.”, he replied.

Rufous, her cat, like all cats enjoyed the statistical likelihood that she could trip anyone at any point in the house and the person in question would be too flustered to stop her doing so or laid out flat on the floor allowing proper time to escape. Ironically, now she was both nowhere to be found and sticky with fish guts.

“Well, after you get cleaned up, can you send a message to your father?”, she asked. “I’ve never seen a creature quite like this one and I’m sure as a cryptofaunologist, he might have a better idea than I about what it is.” The little creature squeaked and snuggled deeper into her cuffs.

“Yes, Mother Carey. Right away!”, and he was gone. A moment later, she heard a shout as Rufous got her revenge.

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